Healthcare Consultant

I attend healthcare appointments with you. I help you understand the diagnosis and treatment plan. I help you be heard and understood. I cut thru the medical jargon. I work with you to get the most appropriate treatment.

Meet, Assess and Plan

Personal meeting to review health concerns, issues and symptoms; complete Nursing assessment and plan next steps. 

Attend Medical Appointments

You are prepared for your appointment; the health care provider understands your health issues and concerns.  You have a clear understanding of the treatment plan and next steps when we leave the appointment.

Post-Physician Follow-up

Review the treatment plan with you – prescriptions, change in symptoms and follow up appointments. Help with identifying next steps.

About Me

Suzanne Hare, Healthcare Consultant
  • Registered Nurse since 1978
  • Member of the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals
  • Member of the Canadian Nurse Protective Society


  • Acute and geriatric nursing experience
  • Administration - Director of Nursing (Private and Public hospital)
  • Educator - taught practical nursing program New Brunswick and British Columbia; in service programs for nursing staff
  • BC Community Coroner 
  • BC Provincial government - advocate for injured workers.

Lived Experience:

  • End of life care for my mother (cancer)
  • Care giver for father with dementia

Personal Traits:

  • Empathetic
  • Curious
  • Respectful
  • Authentic
  • Accountable

My Approach

Plain Language

The language often used by Medical and Health providers is based on science, physiology, physics, chemistry with many Latin names. Most people do not use these words in their conversations and many of us have never heard them before. We are often hearing these words in a time of crisis – diagnosis and treatment from physician, dentist, chiropractor, or health care providers. Sometimes we are in pain and fearful of what we are being told.
I will assist you to understand the words and terms being used during your medical appointments and or treatments. I can translate the medical jargon and acronyms into plain language for you and your family support person.
When you understand the physicians’ questions, you will answer them the best you can. By providing your physician with the right information (symptoms, complaints) it helps the physician to make the right diagnosis and order the right treatment.

Service Request

Contact me online or by phone to discuss your current needs and how I may help you.
Phone: 250-818-7170

We will briefly discuss what you are experiencing and the areas you feel assistance is required. We will set an appointment for an in-depth intake meeting – telephone, online, or in accordance with current COVID19 recommendations, in person with social distancing.
This intake meeting may consist of questions regarding physical health, social concerns, a nursing assessment as required, and a review of my commitment to maintain confidentiality and protection of your privacy.

Fee for Service
We will discuss the fee for the services provided during the intake meeting.


Your personal information is protected by legislation – Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and Health Professions Act.
As a Registered Nurse working within the standards and professional guidelines established in the Health Professions Act, the Bylaws of the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals and PIPA, I will only obtain your personal information necessary to provide the services you are requesting and we agree are necessary.
The records I maintain as a HealthCare Consultant must meet the standards of the Health Professions Act – Section 356.


Confidentiality:  As a fee for service provider, I need to ensure I am providing advice, assistance and recommendations to the right person.  As per the Personal Information Protection Act, I am responsible to ensure I respect the confidentiality of the individual I am assisting.  

Treatment: It is an individual’s right to accept or refuse treatment if they are legally competent to make sound decisions.  When there is a change in an individual’s capacity to make such decisions, there are legal and medical decisions and applications completed to designate a health representative.  A copy of the authorization for the designated Health Representative to make decisions on behalf of the client will be requested.

Reporting: As a health care professional, I work with both an ethical and legal obligation to report suspected /observed abuse or harm to vulnerable clients.

My Professional Standards

The BC College of Nursing Professionals have established Professional Standards for Registered Nurses.  These four standards are the hallmark of my practice and guide me in decisions for delivering service.

  1. Professional Responsibility and Accountability
  2. Knowledge based practice
  3. Client focused provision of service
  4. Ethical practice


These standards are the foundation for my decisions for my professional actions - 

  1. Do I have the knowledge and skills to perform the requested task? 
  2. Do I have the permission and authorization of the client?
  3. Is this action in the best interest of the client?
  4. Is this activity ethically correct?


I reserve the professional right to decline to provide service to a client which in my professional opinion, I am not skilled to perform, would not be in the best interest of the client and may be unethical.

Involve The Family

The community protects and shares out of caring; love is never far away.
The Black Experience in the 20th Century

Many people live apart; this is our reality.
Aging is not for the weak – vision becomes impaired, hearing loss occurs, memory falters, and joints need replacing. Pride and independence hang on and denial sometimes interferes with truthful phone conversations….
It is difficult, sometimes impossible, to attend medical appointments with aging or ill loved ones. It would be valuable to have a qualified person attend these appointments with your family member to ensure the right symptoms are reported and the right treatment plan developed by the health care practitioner.
It is important to have knowledge of the appointment outcome and any recommended treatments. It is less worrisome to make decisions with facts and less stressful for the “patient” when they are trying to remember just what they were told by the health care provider.

As a Healthcare Consultant, RN, I am available to meet with the client, develop an assessment plan, attend appointments with the client and assist with the follow up treatment. If requested, a written report of the nursing assessment, health care appointment outcome and recommended treatment would be provided to the client/Health Representative.

Follow up intervention involving community services and organization introductions can be part of the service delivery plan.

Contact Me

Ask a question or book an appointment below.

(250) 818-7170